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This is Sigurd; a traditional scale cast resin model depicting a Noriker stallion in a dramatic rearing pose.

His pose (in my mind) is styled on the idea of him being lead towards the famous "Hengstauftrieb", or "Stallion Drive" event held each year in Kirchberg, Austria, where the prominent stallions meet up and (sort of) fight to establish a hierarchy, leading to a peaceful summer of grazing together in the Alpine meadows.  I say "sort of" fighting, because these stallions don't actually try to hurt each other, it's the most gentlemanly of battles with almost a comedic amount of posturing, snorting and bravado, which is what drew me to capture the essence and energy of this event in my sculpture.  Sigurd depicts one of these stallions, all fired up for action and impatient to be released into the group to show his stuff.  Equally, he could be in the thick of things, hashing it out with the other stallions.  Given the amazing array of colours and coat patterns within the breed and the number of breeds with a similar phenotype, there are a great many options here for you in terms of colour and breed choices when it comes to finishing and live showing your model.

The Noriker horse is a moderately heavy Austrian draught horse breed, standing at 15:2 - 16hh ( as he is rearing up, this model stands approx. 30cm / 12" tall including the base).  They are muscular, sure-footed and, perhaps due to the mountainous regions they are from, very well balanced.  With a heavy baroque influence, most colours and coat patterns are found in this breed including roan and leopard appaloosa, with only grey being excluded, but as this body-type translates so well to a number of similar breeds this opens up unlimited colour options for your copy.

Noriker Hengstaufrieb 2023

March 2024 Status:  Jolt has been casting Sigurd since the beginning of January, shipping is now in full swing with copies shipping each week!  Models are shipped in PIF order, so those ordered now may not ship for a few months, while Jolt work through the orders.

The 3D printed master copy was produced with a Formlabs 3D printer at the same exacting quality that my micro mini models are produced at, giving him a smooth finish and crisp details, then any remaining visible print artefacts have been and thoroughly cleaned away before he heads off to be moulded and cast by Jolt Studios in bright white artist resin.  The horse is hollow cast with strong wire reinforcements, the base is solid cast and contoured underneath, with my logo and Sigurd's name beneath.

Photos show the first test cast model in white resin, then further images taken from the digitally sculpted 3D model.  More photos of the resin copy will be added when possible.

Edition info:

This traditional scale resin edition is limited to a maximum of 200 copies.  Each copy is supplied complete with resin base, collectible sticker and my trademark 3D COA card.

Terms and Conditions specific to this model are below, purchase of this model indicates acceptance of these conditions:

This listing is for models that are made to order, lead times can be long but should not exceed PayPal's buyer protection period.

First image shows the first test cast resin copy.  The other images are digital renderings taken from a digital 3D model and are for example only.  The digital model has been 3D printed, the prints has been cleaned, prepared, then expertly moulded and roto-cast copies taken in bright white artist quality resin, copies are then cleaned to Jolt Studio's exacting standards, they are supplied as "clean", not "prepped" so may require final finishing and prepping prior to painting (if you've ever seen Jolt's resin casts you will know they are of the highest quality).  All models are subject to a "Good Resin Guarantee".

Price: £360 plus shipping.  Time payments available with £140 down, then two further payments of £110.  All Time Payment orders must be paid off by end of March 2024 latest.  Deposit reserves a copy, models will be shipped in paid-in-full order.

All payments are non-refundable but may be transferrable in exceptional circumstances.  Any orders not paid in full by end of March 2024 will no longer be guaranteed reserved, you must contact me to discuss should this occur.

Shipping is extra and will be invoiced when your copy is ready to go.  Shipping prices for one copy are as follows, multiples please add £15 per copy but check first if you want three or more.  All copies other than UK will ship direct from Jolt Studios in the US.  These prices do not include import fees and taxes which are the buyer's responsibility (sorry!):

  • US: £35
  • Canada: £60
  • EU (excl. Germany): £75
  • Germany: £79
  • Australia: £85
  • UK: £60 INCLUDING VAT AND IMPORT FEES - these will be imported by/to me on your behalf before sending to you, your final shipping price will include a fair share of these costs even if handed to you in person, so the shipping invoice must still be paid before your copy will be released to you as it includes the import costs for your model.

Please select "Resins - Shipping invoiced later" from shipping options when placing your order, if you use the "Add to Existing Order" option that's ok too but no models will be supplied without the shipping invoice being paid.

Shipping commenced in February 2024 and orders will be fulfilled in PIF order at the rate of casting, so copies reserved now may not ship until later.  Lead times are 1-6 months, due to the demand for resin casting at the moment I have no control over pour dates so these dates are subject to change but offered in good faith.  Please do not purchase if you're not happy with this typical lead time.

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