February 2023 - Lead Times are Longer than Usual While Advent Orders are processed and despatched.


Resin, Pewter and 3D Printed models

Amaranthine & Iris

Amaranthine is a generic Warmblood type mare, her foal, Iris can nestle in with her as part of a set, or either model can be ordered separately.Cast i...
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MM & TT Pony Mares

Micro Mini and Teeny Tiny (smaller than MM) scale minified versions of my "Night Heather" sculpture.Open editions in cast resin and pewter (MM only in...
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MM Gypsy Vanner

Micro Mini scale Gypsy Vanner, could also make a very nice Mulassier, Shire or other hairy breed or part breed.Cast from an original clay sculpture.Op...
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MM Lap of Honour

Micro Mini scale Warmblood Grand Prix Dressage horse in flashy extended trot.Supplied with an elegant base that he fits neatly into with directional p...
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MM Maxi Cob

Micro Mini scale Maxi Cob (over-sized Show Cob) in a canter.Cast from an original clay sculpture (not digital).Open edition in cast resin and pewter.P...
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MM Shetland Pony

Micro Mini scale Shetland pony mare standing on a pedestal with one leg raised.  Cast from an original clay sculpture (not digital).Open edition of ca...
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MM Thistle

Micro Mini scale Unipony (Unicorn Pony)This sweet little mare is a micro-mini scale version of my original digital sculpt "Thistledew" (with chains re...
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Thistledew Heatmap

Stablemate scale unicorn pony colour-3D printed in a vibrant full-spectrum rainbow style.Supplied with a glossed finish in presentation box with colle...
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Unicorn Horns

These Unicorn Horns are 3D printed in a resin mixture designed to give excellent strength for their sizes - please note they are not unbreakable, the ...
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