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Lady Anne Classic

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Lady Anne Classic

I'm thrilled to announce the debut of this beautiful girl!  This is Lady Anne; a Crabbet type Arabian mare with quite the sassy attitude.

Model Info:

Named after and inspired by Lady Anne Blunt (15th Baroness Wentworth); co-founder of the Crabbet Arabian Stud in England, famed for the quality and size of the Arabian horses bred there since the 1870s.  Lady Anne was daughter to Ada Lovelace (arguably the world's first computer programmer) and held a similarly impressive skillset; fluent in five languages, a skilled violinist and an accomplished artist, with a keen interest in Arabian horses and Middle Eastern politics which led to her decision alongside her husband, Wilfred, to import the best Arabian horses from Egypt to breed at the English stud.  The imported foundation horses included Azrek, Queen of Sheba and the famous stallion Mesaoud (who carried the sabino gene, which we still see the occasional throwback to now!).

Lady Anne lead a charmed but challenging life, she endured many struggles but faced them with the grit and resilience reflected in the horses she kept.  She travelled extensively to the Middle East and also set up the Sheykh Obeyd stud in Egypt, where the best horses were selected and brought to England to join the Crabbet stud breeding program.

Lady Anne's daughter, Judith, inherited the stud in 1917.  Judith (16th baroness Wentworth) continued Lady Anne's legacy very successfully for almost half a century, introducing non-desert-bred horses such as the infamous Polish-bred stallion Stowronek, until 1971 when the property was bisected by a motorway!  Most Arabian horses around the world today (over 90%!) can trace their pedigrees in one or more lines to Crabbet horses.  The influence Lady Anne and her stud had on the Arabian breed is undeniable, Crabbet Arabians are renowned for their athleticism, classic type, good temperament, performance abilities and soundness, making even current high-percentage Crabbet Arabians extremely well regarded in studs and showrings worldwide, not to mention how they excel when it comes to endurance riding, due to their desert heritage and the fine work of Lady Anne and Judith.

My Lady Anne (the horse sculpture) is my nod to a woman who fought to protect and preserve these special horses in the face of adversity, she was strong-willed, adventurous and perhaps a little bit feisty, which I've tried to capture with my sculpture's sassy nature and defiant stance.

Edition Info:

Classic (1:12) scale Crabbet Arabian Mare, 177mm (7") tall to the ear tips.  Flippy tail and natural untrimmed/unshaved mane.

To be produced in wire-reinforced solid-cast bright white artist quality resin, cast and cleaned by Jolt Studios in the US.

Limited to 200 copies at this scale.

Some copies will ship direct from Jolt Studios, US, some copies will be imported to the UK and then shipped from here, I aim to offer the best shipping price and speed available, please see below for a guide to rates.

Edition Notes:

I am currently unable to set up traditional scale hollow-casting, if this changes I may look to have a traditional scale edition cast later on, however currently this isn't very likely.

My intention is to produce a second variation of this model with a more relaxed tail-set and shaved bridlepath at some point.  Smaller scales are likely to be produced in the future with the small possibility of a traditional scale edition.

Sales Info:

One copy price is £249 plus shipping.

Shipping will be invoiced when copies are ready to send out, prices are currently as follows (subject to change if shipping prices change dramatically):

  • US - £25
  • Canada - £40
  • EU (excl. Germany) - £55
  • Australia/Germany - £65
  • UK - see below

Combined shipping is offered at +£10 per extra copy (excl. UK, see below).  All prices exclude Customs fees and duties which are your responsibility, sorry.

UK collectors, I am pleased to be able to offer shipping for £45 INCLUDING VAT AND CUSTOMS DUTIES!  Additional copies and handed-over-in-person copies will need to be calculated as they are also subject to import costs, so will likely be around £35 for each extra copy (including VAT/fees).  ALL UK copies are subject to these charges, even if handed over in person, as this price includes the import costs that I pay on your behalf.

Lead times: Casting to commence in May or June 2024.  Models to ship in PIF order as they are cast and ready, so shipping time may be weeks/months later.  I always aim to remain within the PayPal guarantee period but casting schedules are beyond my control, all models are subject to my own good resin guarantee and are shipped tracked. Please check the social media transaction boards (before any purchase from any artist!).

Time Payments:

Time payments are available!  Time payments will be for a deposit of £100 and two payments of £75, with shipping invoiced when your copy is ready to send.  Please select the Deposit option below to secure your model, then make payment 2 and Payment 3 when you are ready.  Please note orders must be fully paid up by end of March 2025.

Terms listed on this page are in addition to my standard Terms and Conditions.

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