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Thistle Sterling Silver Edition

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Thistle Sterling Silver Edition

Yes, this is a SOLID 925 Sterling SILVER, heirloom quality, hallmarked* hand-cast copy of my impossible model, Spring Thistledew.

I've been wanting to bring a sterling silver option to my studio for several years now and have been working very hard behind the scenes with many companies, most who have let me down sadly, but now I feel I have the dream team set up and am thrilled to bring this new medium to my Studio and to our hobby.  Of course, I wouldn't start with a nice, safe model - so I found the most impossible, difficult model I had and thought I'd begin there!

Created using a combination of production methods, some of which weren't even available just a short few years ago, this project has been a very long time in the making and has involved a great deal of collaboration between myself and two other companies including one of the most highly regarded silversmiths in London!

*My hallmark registration is currently in-progress so the lead time on these could be a matter of months rather than weeks, as these will be fully hallmarked as proof of their material, quality and provenance.  If you have other items on order I would recommend splitting your order so this piece ships alone later, to avoid long delays on your other items.  This can be organised later if shipping has become complex on your order.

The most exciting thing about this edition is that it features details that just haven't been possible using traditional methods, the models are an exciting combination of super-modern technology combined with the craftsmanship that can only come from traditional hand-made items.  This means that there are air-gaps behind the flowers and the plaits in her hair that would be impossible to produce using traditional moulding methods, and to then get those same details faithfully reproduced in fine British sterling silver, then carefully hand-polished in a way that no machine could do.

In order to see what an incredible achievement this is (I'm so bursting with pride on this that I'm not ashamed to say), feel free to do a Google search for "miniature solid silver horse" and see what comes up - there are some truly beautiful models out there already, but really, there is NOTHING like this out there yet!

This model is very new, so new in fact that she doesn't have the patina that age brings, so over time she will just get better and better - her flowers will show with more detail and depth and she will gradually earn her delicious patina which will really make her details show.  This also gave me such a challenge trying to photograph her that my photos are sorely lacking, so apologies for that!

These models will each be made to order and carefully quality controlled throughout.  Lead times are subject to several companies so I cannot give an accurate estimate at this time.  By purchasing this model you accept this.

You will see some evidence of her technological journey to creation around her finer details - this is not a resin that is to be painted, this is a finely balance model that has been mirror polished where possible, but only lightly polished in the areas with fine details that are at risk of damage.  She tells a story and she has plenty of the incredible lustre only silver can offer and is cold and silky smooth as you would want from such an item, but her fine details have been retained too (earlier test pieces lost flowers, hair detail and even eyes! The sweet spot is a real knife-edge!).  Gentle handling will, over time polish the high points without damage, so hold her and enjoy her and she will literally shine!

This truly is an heirloom quality piece, and, I hope, a new landmark in our hobby and perhaps even in the silver collector market.  On this note, I'm happy to discuss a trial .999 silver option however this will obviously have an affect on the price.

Measuring approx. 36mm tall she matches the Bantam Scale model in size.  These models are very sturdy and have an absolutely wonderful heavy weight and solid, cold feel in the hand.  By no means unbreakable just like any comparable model, they don't bend like pewter so handling and normal display are not a concern even though the details are quite fine.  Should they ever suffer a big accident they can be repaired by a skilled silversmith, protecting your investment.

Limited to just ten copies, I will only offer these as they are in-hand, so if you missed those made available so far, please use the "out of stock" email alert below to be informed when a new copy is made available.

Packaging has not yet been finalised but these will be supplied luxuriously boxed with certificate of authenticity and any other cool loot I can work out for them.

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