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Thistle Rainbow Appaloosa Ltd Edition

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Thistle Rainbow Appaloosa Ltd Edition

Re-released due to not actually telling anyone about her release in December (doh!) - still limited to 100 copies!

Meet Thistle Rainbow Appaloosa - the dinky Micro Mini version of the lovely Thistledew in the same style!  As with the other micros her model has been very slightly edited for the reduction in scale but her colour and pattern are untouched - they are a precise mini-replica of the pattern on the Thistledew Rainbow Appaloosa Edition (Sold Out I think, I won't know until all Advent orders are shipped and received safely)!

This mini differs from her Thistle sisters in that she sports minute little plaits in her mane and tail and her mane has a very slightly different design.  Each new model is slightly tweaks so they are all unique.

25mm tall micro mini scale Unicorn/Unipony colour-3D printed in resin.  The colour on these models is built-in to the model, they are to be treated as any 3D printed model and should be shielded from direct sunlight (a normal display cabinet is perfectly fine, just don't keep them out on a windowsill or they will eventually go brittle unless a UV blocking sealer is applied). these models are supplied with the original finish as printed, they can be sealed using the same sealers regular resins have and can be painted if you wish using normal painting practices.

The edition is limited to a maximum of 100 copies however I may order fewer depending on demand.  The price adjustment on this edition is reflective of the ongoing increases in costs, however I am honouring the prices on the previous editions until they close.

Supplied in a custom foam-lined box with collectible sticker.

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