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Union Jack SM Edition (collaboration)

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Union Jack SM Edition (collaboration)

Today we say both welcome, and (once this edition closes) a fond farewell to this popular little guy.  First created on request by Becky at Copperfox UK way back in 2012, he was sculpted and cast as a classic scale resin for release at the first Utterly Horses Hullabaloo in Newmarket, England.  I retained all copyright to the sculpt and shared the edition.

Soon I will be completely remastering his digital file and releasing a totally revised edition in a larger scale, but before I do, I wanted to offer a small edition of stablemate scale copies, as Union Jack has been so popular over the years, and this has been requested SO often since, that it would be a disservice to him (and to the collectors who want this) not to give him the shrinky treatment!

I am, once again working in collaboration with Copperfox on this model.  You'll see something special coming from Copperfox US in a few weeks that links to this offering so keep your eyes open for that!  

Time limited edition running until January 31st 2023, available in both facing left and facing right (pictured) options.  Paintable resin copies available from me here, glossy clearware copies available from Copperfox direct.  Please note Copperfox items must be purchased from and will ship from Copperfox US and grey copies will ship from me here in the UK.  Grey copies can be combined with any other Advent order (except Ragnar US).

3D printed Stablemate scale foal, supplied with a custom foam-lined box with collectible sticker.  One foal supplied.  SM mares shown for illustrative purposes only.

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