Icarus Batacorn Clear

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Icarus Batacorn Clear

So this is a test print I produced recently and I'm really excited about it! I wanted to see if there was a way to allow painting artist to get that super-translucent thin-skin look on the membranes of the batwinged models' wings.  This model and any other like it are DESIGNED TO BE PAINTED, they are cleaned just like the grey copies so you will see evidence of this just as you can on the model pictured here.  In theory they could be glossed as-is, but be sure to read the paragraph below regarding the resin as they are still a bit of an unknown so I don't guarantee they won't yellow over time.

This copy is a one off - I managed to break his unicorn horn and the front of his Mohican mane off.  I reattached the mane part using UV resin and completely replaced the unicorn horn with a larger horn in the same clear resin as the model.  The repairs are very subtle and once painted should be invisible.  I am also producing a limited number of these using the original design, which can be ordered below.

This guy is currently a one-off, but I want to put them into production so have made 10 copies available here below too.  Production copies will have the original, smaller unicorn horn.  Production models will also be drilled - I used a temporary glue to attach this guy's rod for photos, on drilled copies you will see the hole from the outside but they are designed for painting so this isn't a problem.  If you prefer your model NOT to be drilled contact me after purchase and let me know ASAP.

About the resin - PLEASE READ - This resin is ever-so-slightly more flexible than the regular grey resin and on long, thin parts like these batwings you should bear this in mind when painting and use paints that have some flex to them.  This clear resin will not remain water-white, it WILL yellow over time.  A UV blocking sealer will slow this process but I am not confident they will remain water-clear even with it.  These models are designed to be painted as this will become much less of an issue once paint and a UV blocking sealer are applied.  I make no guarantees regarding yellowing on these models.

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