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This page is where any available Icarus models will be posted as they become available.

Prices vary, make your selections below to see the price of your chosen model.

Icarus was initially created as a way to explore the possibilities brought by 3D printing for production.  Taking away the need for mould-making and casting allowed custom one-off designs to be produced to order.  Well over 10,000 possible variations are possible on this model now and they increase each time a new option is added.

Whilst many of these models are in stock, each copy requires very careful clean-up and preparation before it can be made available for sale, so availability varies all the time. Models listed here are in-hand, clean and ready to ship.

Style codes refer to the following:


  • SM (Stablemate, approx. 1:32)
  • MM (Micro Mini, approx. 1:64)
  • NN (Nano, approx. 1:128)


  • Horse
  • Unicorn
  • Pegasus
  • Alicorn
  • Batwing
  • Batacorn
  • Reindeer


This option contains the specific description for each model variation available.  First it will list the front leg positions as follows:

  • RT - Right (off) leg tucked, Left (near) leg stretched out
  • LT - Left (near) leg tucked, Right (off) leg stretched out
  • 2T - Both front legs tucked
  • 2o - Both front legs stretched out


Unless otherwise noted, models with a unicorn horn also have cloven hooves and lion tails.  Exceptions to this (ie horned models with horse hooves) will have the code "HH" in their description after the leg code above and those with a non-lion tail will be noted, eg "Long Tail".


Then it will contain a very short description of the style itself.  For instance "Friesian" refers to a long flowing mane and tail with feathers, "Hairy" means long mane, feathers and chest mane(hair).  Images for each model illustrate your choice.

So for example, a horse-hooved Alicorn might have this code: "MM Alicorn LT HH Hairy", this, along with the photo that will show the other variations (mane type, tail type, feathers or not, chest hair or not) when you make your selection should give you all of the information there is to know about the model.

Variation prices differ according to whether they have wings or not and the scale the model is, so please check the price that displays after you've made your choices.


Each model is supplied with a base and an acrylic rod for display (except hanging models, eg Reindeer).  There are a couple of different bases for the Micro Minis as listed below.  The base supplied will be a lucky dip from this list, you can request a specific base with your model by contacting us, base choices cannot be guaranteed as they are subject to supplier availability but we will do our very best to send the bases requested.  All bases for Micro Minis are two-layer acrylic with a mirror-finish top layer.  See photos for examples (not bases in photo still have their protective film on):

  • Oval Grey
  • Cloud - Blue
  • Cloud - Gold
  • Cloud - Red
  • Cloud - Silver

The standard base for Nano scale models is a single layered clear round acrylic shape.  If you would like to request a different base (For Nanos a single mirror cloud is available on request) please use the contact page to get in touch.  No guarantees are made that certain bases will be available however we'll do our best to supply the base requested.

Unless otherwise noted, all Icarus models are supplied in clean (print supports removed and sanded smooth) 3D printed Formlabs Grey V4 resin, with a base and rod for display along with a lenticular COA card and a collectible sticker.  They are generally very clean but will require basic prepping prior to painting.

Note: 3D Printed resin is sensitive to UV light and should not be displayed in direct sunlight unless painted or coated with a UV blocking sealer.

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