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Advent 05 Icarus Final Horses

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Advent 05 Icarus Final Horses

The Icarus edition has been an incredible journey into the new possibilities that 3D printing for production has brought the model horse hobby.  After two years, over 250 prototypes and a great number of models produces, I am now closing production on this model and offering the remaining copies here.  A few still have to be cleaned so will be added as they become available, but I am no longer producing these models.  I may offer the occasional one-off edition (such as the Batty-Bat which is now sold out) but officially this incredible project has now come to a close.

Icarus was initially created as a way to explore the possibilities brought by 3D printing for production.  Taking away the need for mould-making and casting allowed custom one-off designs to be produced to order.  Well over 10,000 possible variations are possible on this model now and they increase each time a new option is added.  This has also generated an incredible mountain of work effectively producing over 250 edition prototypes with editions ranging from a single copy (76 of these!), up to 64 for the most popular design (MM Puro Preset).

Style codes refer to the following:

Legs: RT / LT / 2T / 2o - Right Tuck / Left Tuck / 2 Tucked / 2 Out

Mane: SM / LM / Moh - Short Mane / Long Mane / Mohican

Tail: Bound / LT / Lion - Bound(plaited) / Long Tail / Lion Tain

Clean = no hair on legs (all models are suppleid in clean resin, this just refers to the lack of hair on the design)

Unless otherwise noted, all Icarus models are supplied in clean (print supports removed and sanded smooth) 3D printed Formlabs Grey V4 resin, with a base and rod for display along with a lenticular COA card and a collectible sticker.  They are generally very clean but will require basic prepping prior to painting.

I do have multiples of a few of these models.

Note: 3D Printed resin is sensitive to UV light and should not be displayed in direct sunlight unless painted or coated with a UV blocking sealer.

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